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  • Facebook Viral Coupon App
  • Custom Designs
  • £100 Worth of FREE Google Advertising
  • And More!
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Pay Per Lead

Forget paying for ongoing services, such as SEO or consultancy. Just pay for the leads that we generate for you. How does that sound? No risk, just great results!
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Did you know that 85% of UK smartphone owners use them to find local businesses? And 81% of them take action on the results of those searches?
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Local Search

41% of people who search for local businesses online actually visit a local business as a result of their search. Are you ready for the local search wave?
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Pay Per Click

Pay per Click PPC) advertising using platforms like Google Adwords is one of the best ways to find targeted leads on the internet.
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"Mr Local Search have helped us increase both the quantity and quality of the leads generated through the website significantly.

The feedback has been positive and in fact, the number of people visiting the site has tripled."

- Dominic Hennessey, Owner, Just Us Mortgages -

We know what it's like to manage a business. You have a 100 different things to do, and the last thing you need to be doing is worrying about your marketing....

Is it delivering a good ROI? Are these leads that I buy working out? Is it a good idea to run an ad in the local newspaper? What about the radio? Is my website working?

If you're worrying about these sort of questions you shouldn't be... what you need is a company that actually supplies you with what you need... targeted leads!

We use a range of online tools and strategies, whether it's SEO, PPC, viral coupons or reputation management, to deliver fresh, targeted customers to your business!.

Our "Done-For-You" service will leave you free to focus on running your business, while we work as your trusted partner in the background.

Simple no?

If you'd like to find out more about our services and prices, please contact us today.

We hope we'll be supplying you with a steady flow of new business very soon!